Our Church History…

In the summer of 1954, Rev. L.B. Jones, pastor of First Baptist Church in Rockdale, appointed a committee to initiate the organization of a new church. There was an urgent need for a new congregation in town because of an increase in population. First Baptist, at that time, did not have the capacity to expand.

The deacons at First Baptist recommended to their congregation that their building fund be donated to the new church. The congregation unanimously voted its approval of this recommendation.

The first sunday school and church services were held on June 20, 1954, in the Rockdale Elementary School Cafetorium with 161 in attendance. Baylor ministerial student, Billy Grissom, delivered the messages for the day.

On June 23, 1954, the church ordained its first deacon: J.M. Coffey. The first person to be baptized into the church was Shirley Brown on September 11, 1955. The first wedding was on September 30, 1955, when Barbara Joyce Smith married George Weldon Swearingen.

On August 1, 1954, the church extended a call to Rev. A.L. Gatewood of Columbia, MS to serve as Meadowbrook’s first pastor.